How did it all begin?

Dougies is a unique fresh concept that brings together the very best of authentic medateranian cuisine and the taste of Portuguese style chicken, all carefully prepared using our now addictive recipes and finished with our unique blend of herbs and spices.

You can choose from our vast menu which includes burgers, wrappas, rolls (all grilled/char-grilled fresh to order), salads, shish kebab, kafta, falafel and charcoal chickens. Also available is our wide range off coffees and desserts. All food products at the premises are halal and have been approved by the appropriate authority. So for a fresh, healthy and affordable experience come and enjoy the now famously unique tastes of DOUGIE'S GRILL!

But it doesn't end there. Dougies Grill has taken Sydney by storm, with our famous 'Aussie Burger' being named by the Daily Telegraph as one of Sydney's top 10 burgers. 


Below is the latest article published on Dougies Grill:


"… Dougies Grill, keeps going from success to success. With 4 new stores opening in the last 12 months and plans to expand nationally and internationally, Dougies is set to conquer more than just your taste buds.


According to the owner Ali Daghram, Dougies Grill is not just another burger joint.  It is a unique fresh concept that brings together the very best of authentic Mediterranean cuisine and the taste of Portuguese style chicken with an Australian touch to deliver a culinary experience he believes produces some of the best burgers in the world.


This fusion of tastes gives customers a choice from a vast menu of burgers, wraps and charcoal chicken dishes, which are all grilled or char-grilled and made fresh to order. All the meats used are halal hand slaughtered including the gourmet burgers which includes chicken, camel, grain fed wagyu beef and rib eye fillet steak. Accompaniments such as salads, shish kebabs, kaftas and falafels make up the unique menu mix.


They say that overnight success really takes about 10 years of perfecting ones talents and lots of blood, sweat and tears. Dougies is a text book example of what a strong determination to succeed can achieve.


In 2001 Ali, who’s nickname at school was Dougie, wanted to leave the finance industry and needed a change in his life. With a great passion for food and help from his mother, in 2001 Ali bought an existing chicken business and started his journey in the food industry and the business world of food.


After years of hard work and a lot of late nights, Ali came up with of his own unique dinning concept and “Dougie’s Grill” was born in 2005. His commitment to supply the customers with only the best tasting burgers has seen Dougie’s be awarded and recognised as one of the Top 10 Burgers in Sydney as judged by the mass circulation The Daily Telegraph newspaper."


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