Dougies Testimonials!

James Wu


Best chicken burger in town, better than Oportos and Nandos. Must Must Must try!

Fred Frank

Diner from Sydney

Great food great service the best in the area by far

Ray D

Sydney, New South Whales

The best chain of fast food restaurant in the game. Their chilli burgers are unrivaled and their dougies sauce is out of this world! Their wagyu beef burger is in a class of their own.
It is also halal with no swine products. As halal should be. Now u can become a member and get 10% off with an even special deal on Tuesday.

Amy A.

Sydney, New South Whales

Located on Hurstville's Forest Road, the bright red walls of Dougie's Flame Grilled is hard to miss - sight wise that is. Their char grilled chicken burgers and special Dougie's sauce has everyone coming back for more, so it's easy to say while we might not be able to miss the fire-engine walls, we sure do miss those burgers every time we part a bittersweet farewell from the shop.

Prices are relatively cheap ( it's no Macca's or Hungry Jacks, it's fellow competitors around Hurstville) but you can snag a decent meal for under $10 including a burger, chips and drink. But what makes Dougie's so special is its special Dougie's sauce that we just can't get enough of. On your chips, with your chicken or in your burger, it is crucial that you order that sauce with your meal next time you stop by and I'm saying 'next' because I'm certain that once you've been there, you'll be running back for more.

Diner from Sydney

Sydney, New South Whales

Yummy chicken, always lived charcoal chicken. Wasn't a great fan of the garlic but the chicken is yum!